Winter SSAP

Welcome to Winter SSAP

Our Winter SSAP in M14Strength has switched gears towards optimizing player potential! High school and middle school basketball season has begun, making it essential for players to perform at their best on the court! We offer a multitude of options that make SSAP available to ALL athletes!

Winter SSAP Start Date: Week of October 30th

Winter SSAP End Date: Week of February 12th

Winter SSAP FEE: $540 (3 Payments of $180)

Winter SSAP, Summer SSAP

Winter Schedule

Please check back on October 15th for updated class dates and times. Please read below for important information regarding registering your player for the SSAP. Players in Winter SSAP must be evaluated to gain entry!

Team M-XIV Players Schedule

All schedules will be communicated during the team parent meetings. For any information beforehand, please contact Coach Paul  (). Players on a team do not have to be re-evaluated to participate (All players are evaluated at try-outs). Please contact Coach Paul if your player is would like to sign up after Winter SSAP has already begun

SSAP 14th-6th Grade BoysMon/Wed 5p-6p
SSAP 27th-8th Grade BoysMon/Wed 6:40p-7:40p
SSAP 14th-6th Grade GirlsTues/Thurs 5p-6p
SSAP 27th-8th Grade GirlsTues/Thurs 6:40p-7:40p

Overtime (3rd-8th) Schedule
Rapid Fire (High School) Schedule