Welcome to Fall SSAP

In the fall, M14Strength is prepping for the most important time of year! High school and middle school basketball season are right around the corner, making it the perfect time for players to prep their body for the upcoming season! We offer a multitude of options that makes Fall SSAP available to ALL athletes!

Fall SSAP Start Date: August 6th, 2023

Fall SSAP End Date: October 27th, 2023

Program Length: 12 Weeks (24 Total Sessions) NO SSAP ON September 4th or 5th, 2023!

Fall SSAP FEE: $200 Per Month (10% Discount For ATP Participants)

Fall SSAP Payment Options: Parents can register players for the full 12 weeks (24 sessions) or parents can pay every 4 weeks. If parents choose to pay every 4 weeks, training sessions are sold in 8-session packages.

Fall Schedule

ATP Participants & Non-ATP Participants: All players in fall SSAP should refer to the schedule below. This includes but is not limited to ATP participants! All participants must be evaluated before gaining entry to this class. If your player is signed up for the Fall Academy Training Program (A.T.P), they do not need to be re-evaluated. To schedule a private evaluation, please email Coach Cody ().

Fall Boys Schedule

4th - 6th BoysMonday's / Wednesday's6:30p - 7:30pFriday's 4p - 5p
7th - 8th BoysMonday's / Wednesday's5:30p - 6:30pSunday's 7:15p - 8:15p
High School BoysMonday's / Wednesday's7:15p - 8:15pSunday's 6:15p - 7:15p

Fall Girls Schedule

4th - 5th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's4p - 5pFridays 4p - 5p
6th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's6:30p - 7:30pFriday's 4p - 5p
7th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's6:30p - 7:30pSunday's 7:15p - 8:15p
8th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's5:30p - 6:30pSunday's 7:15p - 8:15p
9th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's5:30p - 6:30pSunday's 6:15p - 7:15p
10th - 12th GirlsTuesday's & Thursday's7:15 - 8:15pSunday's 6:15p - 7:15p