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We are a youth basketball development brand dedicated to teaching transferable basketball and life skills. M14Hoops #1 place for basketball private instruction, skill development, basketball camps and teams in the chicagoland area



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M14Hoops Basketball Academy

Where Dreams Become Reality

A one-stop shop for player development and the location for premier national boys and girls tournaments. M14Hoops has been in business for over 14 years. M14 Chicagoland now has a staff of over 40 employees and serves over 5,000 players annually. Approximately 97% of players who train with M14 make the high school team. The M14 Girls AAU teams are part of the prestigious Adidas 3SSB Circuit and the M14 Boys AAU teams are part of the NY2LA Circuit. They have helped save families over $10 million in scholarship money. M14Hoops is the #1 company for player development.

The M14Hoops Facility

the #1 basketball facility in the state of Illinois.

The facility officially opened on August 28, 2018. It has allowed us to increase the player development experience by offering basketball training, teams, and speed & agility training. The facility is a one-stop shop for development! The facility offers 6 courts, a film room, a concession area, training room with 300 parking spots!


"After over 500,000 combined YouTube views, we decided it was time, once again, to give back! M14Hoops has always been about the player, however; the Coaches Corner is for coaches & trainer who want to develop players in their area! The video series was first created in 2014 and now 7 years later we are doing it again! The Coaches Corner video series breaks down high level concepts and make them easy for players, parents, trainers and coaches to understand and explain. The best thing about them is they're FREE!

These are the same concepts, moves, and principles that we teach at the M14 Academy (which trains over 6,000 players a year). These proven methods are our contribution back to the game we love!!" Grab your notebooks Coaches and welcome back to the Coaches Corner!

-Matt Miller M14 Founder

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