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M14Hoops wants to help YOU become a better player! Whether it’s school tryouts or travel ball, our camps & clinics are the best options to increase players' skill levels, confidence, and toughness on and off the court.

Our staff has years of experience playing and coaching at the high school, college and professional level.  Players will have the opportunity to learn and be mentored under these professional coaches to advance their game.  We ensure this by establishing accountability on both trainer and player so that every person involved is bringing their best effort. The pace of our workouts guarantees the maximum amount of repetition in a great learning environment.  Our trainers take the time to explain the “when” and the “why” of each move to increase understanding, which helps deliver a high basketball IQ.

Our programs are a great way for new players to give us a try and returning players to keep their skills sets sharp. We offer camps during the summer and winter and hold one clinic in the spring and fall. All, are great opportunities for players to learn and get a ton of repetition in a fun and positive environment.


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Fall Camps & Clinics

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Winter Camps & Clinics

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SPRING Camps & Clinics

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Summer Camps & Clinics