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Welcome to M14 Strength! 


The goal of M14 Strength is to help each athlete maximize their athletic potential.  This is done by using researched facts, science and years of experience, which ensures that our staff is implementing the latest performance industry concepts.  By developing our athletes correctly, we can assist with injury prevention, help increase production on the court and also educate all players on the importance of diet and living a healthy lifestyle. The way we achieve all of this is through the S.A.E.P. programming.

Speed. Agility. Explosive. Power.

Is this just for M14 Basketball Players?

NO! Any athlete interested can participate in our classes.  While our strength program is housed in the same facility as the M14 basketball program, it is open to athletes who do not train at M14Hoops for basketball. 

Working out in a group is a great way for athletes to compete and also learn teamwork!

Tracking Results

The first day of our S.A.E.P. class players will be evaluated and tested. This will give a baseline understanding of each athlete.  At the end of the season we will re-test all Athletes that completed the entire season. Similarly to on the court, performance training results take time and dedication.  Testing our athletes seasonally will allow the proper amount of time so they can see positive results.  We do assign exercises for players to do while they are not at the facility as well.