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Summer League

We all remember the summer days of playing 5on5 basketball at our local parks; and sadly, this generation doesn't get to experience this due to the parks being empty. For the past 8 years M14 has ran an internal Summer League that featured some of the areas best middle school players to help fill that void. This year, we have decided to open it up to all players and to really take things to the next level!

Players interested will have to attend our 2 day evaluation. The evaluation will determine how we put the Summer League teams together. Players will play 2 back to back games 2 nights a week, be coached by M14 staff as well as past players who trained at M14 who now play on the collegiate level, and will have a playoff and crown division champs (this format will be done if divisions have enough players. If they do not, teams will be mixed up each session - pick up ball style). While the competition will be appropriate and fun, we will still remain focused on the Summer Leagues original goal: Training has to Translate! We will encourage all players to work on their game while playing in the game!

Summer League Overview

  • All players will need to be evaluated
  • After the evaluation divisions and rosters will be formed
  • All players will not be accepted into the League
  • Players will receive an official M14 Summer League reversible jersey
  • Players will be coached by M14 Staff
  • Game schedule overviews will be given out at the evaluations
  • Teams will not practice, just play games
  • Players will play 16 games
  • Teams play 2 back to back games each night
  • Each division will have games 2 nights a week
  • There is no credit/refund for missed games (please double check schedules after a spot is offered!!!)



Grade Levels/Divisions:

("Rising" indicates the grade level your player will be in during the Fall 2020 school year**)


Rising 4th & 5th Grade
Rising 6th & 7th Grade
Rising 8th & 9th  Grade


Rising 4th & 5th Grade
Rising 6th & 7th Grade
Rising 8th & 9th  Grade

COVID-19 UPDATE: We still plan to have a summer league.  We will release evaluation dates as soon as we are able to reopen.  The Summer League will start the week of June 29th and end the week of July 20th. 




The Summer League Starts the week of June 29th!


Rising 4th & 5th Grade:  Mon/Wed 4:45p-6:30p
Rising 6th & 7th Grade:  Mon/Wed 6:30p-8:15p
Rising 8th & 9th  Grade: Tues/Thurs 6:30p-8:15p


Rising 4th & 5th Grade: Mon/Wed 4:45p-6:30p
Rising 6th & 7th Grade: Tues/Thurs 4:45p-6:30p
Rising 8th & 9th  Grade: Mon/Wed 4:45p-6:30p