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Distance E-Learning Center

M14Hoops Founder, Matt Miller, explains how the Distance E-Learning Center will work

M14's Distance E-Learning Center

Registration is currently open. Students can start attending Tuesday, Sept. 8th.

These are challenging times and we are here to help!  With most schools going to E-Learning for the time being, we are excited to provide a safe and productive environment for any parents who may need their student(s) out the house due to their careers.  Our facility is 53,000 sqft with 40,000 sqft dedicated to our basketball gym which is open space!

During the day the gym is empty and will be converted into an E-Learning Center where students will practice social distancing. We will allow 150 students each day with no student will be in direct contact with other students.   All students will need to bring their own supplies and will be supervised. 

All students will follow our M14 COVID-19 Facility Guidelines. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about our guidelines. 

Watch the video at the top of the page for more details!

E-Learning Center Overview

  • Students can start attending Tuesday, Sept. 8th.
  • 40,000 sqft of OPEN basketball space that can accommodate 150 students social distanced apart
  • The E-Learning Center is from 8a-4pm Monday-Friday. Students can be dropped off between 7:30a-8a
  • For grades 5th-12th
  • If possible, students will be divided into grade levels and districts. 
  • Wifi access for all students
  • 150 students total a day
  • Students can attend from any district
  • Students must bring a computer, headphones and all material needed for their e-learning day.  M14 will not be providing any school material. 
  • Bring a lunch! Concession will be open for chips, candy and drinks
  • 20-1 student to supervisor ratio. Supervisor will keep students on task but will not be a tutor, nurse or behavior mediator.
  • Registration is paid monthly.  If a parent is interested in a 'day pass' they will need to contact us the day before between 8:30a-3pm to reserve a spot. 
  • We are NOT offering half day options
  • A monthly calendar will be sent to parents so they know days off. Generally, we will follow National holiday's for day's off. 
  • 3:30p-4p we will offer a movement class led by our professional Strength & Development Coach.

Grades 5th-12th

Fee: $500/Month

Monthly payments will reoccur automatically each month. Our monthly registration option is done by calling us at 331.281.0192

Day Pass: $25
Parents must contact us via email or phone to register for a day pass.  Please call the one day before to ensure we have enough space!

Students can start attending Tuesday Sept. 8th